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Recycling Agricultural Plastics Program (RAPP)
In New York State, RAPP works in collaboration with local partners to collect used plastic from farmers who follow RAPP guidelines to prepare their plastics for recycling.


NY RAPP, funded by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, is charaged in developing sustainable means for New York State farmers to manage their used agricultural plastics by recycling, reusing, and otherwise minizing waste from plastics in agriculture. RAPP's long-term goals are for:

  • Development of collection and recycling (or processing other than disposal) program to become the standard practice for managing waste agricultural plastics; and
  • Agricultural plastic recycling systems to become sustainable by means of a combination of factors
    • Local initiative of the agricultual and recycling communities;
    • Integratin with existing materials management infrastructure;
    • Increase market demand for recovered agricultural plastic; and
    • Extended producer responsibility demonstrated by the manufacturers and distributors of agricultural plastics products.

RAPP NYS Map shows baling activity and locations including super sack locations and where RAPP education is occurring. (click on the map)


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